Being a Caulbearer
   I was told many times over my life that I was different
from most people you meet, but I just thought it was my personality that made others feel comfortable being around me. I seemed to be marching to a different beat. I realized that there were things that I was doing that my friends had trouble understanding how I did them. I could get involved in anything and be the best. My thinking was always years ahead and I could create things that others never thought was possible. Even I was amazed. This went on for years until I was involved in a domestic shooting that got my attention spiritually. I had always felt that there were spirits around me assisting me in many ways, but this time they showed me.
  I had settled down and was taking care of my family and everyone around me had gotten used to my abilities and we were living life like any other normal family.
  I woke up one morning being shot at by my girlfriend.
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  This experience gave me more awareness about my unusual life. I began to watch everything happening around me. I began to recognize a pattern in the way many things were happening and how my feelings controlled the outcome. When there was something I needed to know I was directed to it or it came to me by various ways.
  It was now time for the real answers
  It was now time for the real answers
  It was now time for the real answers and boy did they come. I don't want to fill up this site with all the stories and it would probably be easier to read about it in my book. My old website tells some things as well.
  My first book was published in 2005 and told of my experiences up to the year 2000. It was while I was writing my next book that I found out that the reason for all my unusual awareness was because I was a caulbearer. There were times when I asked a question and I answered it with answers I physically really did not know if it was true or not, and I was very surprized when it turned out to be correct. I stunned myself and I wanted to know how I knew the answer. I did have a feeling within me that the answer I gave was correct. A month later while I was writing my second book and I wanted to write about certain things I had mentioned in my first book in much more depth. For some reason I decided to write more about being born with a veil . I realized that I only knew what my mother and aunts had told me. I decided to look it up on the internet and boy was I surprized. Everything that others were discribing fit me to a t. I knew it was true for I was emiditely covered in goosebumps. This was the reason for me having all the insight and being able to answer the questions as well as think more futuristic. This was also the the answer to my question.
  I will have the new book out soon, but for now there is a urgency for those who want to know more about
their spiritual inheritance and how to use it. By using this website to ask their questions. I am not here to tell your personal future, but to supply you with information which will be your tools to control your own future. I will gladly answer those questions. It cost you nothing. The only things forsale on this site is my books and that has nothing to do with me answering your questions. Thank You. Chat with you soon