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Q What is a Caulbearer ?
A caulbearer is a person born with a veil or caul on their face. It looks like a mask that covers the eyes, nose, & mouth. It is not part of the mothers placenta and carries the childs D&A. It is the sign of spiritual insight and awareness. It's strength is enhanced by the persons birth sign.
Q How would I know if I
     was born with a caul ?
 It is something that is not well know or talked about in todays world. Most of the time it is removed by the doctor along with the placenta and discarded. I can tell by a person personality and spiritual awareness. They march to a different beat and generally have problems living in mans condition and eventually realize their gifts.
Be the journey
Q What does spiritual mean ?
Q What are the two paths ?
Since everything visible and invisible is made up of energy, I have reason
to believe that everything is spiritual. In the natural visible world everything is working toward a better universe. Man's condition complicates that rythum. Some think that only by being religious are you spiritual. Before we had bodies we were spirit and come from a spiritual world of everything. Religion is a man made condition to learn, understand, and practice a limited spiritual condition. Being spiritual in it's highest form is unlimited love and wisdom.
I feel that the choice that was made in the garden of Eden is the way of life we live today. The tree of knowledge represents, struggle, pain, anger, hate, poverty, and all those things that we have come custom to due to habit. There was another tree. It was the tree of life, also known as the tree of wisdom. This tree represents that other path. Knowledge without the wisdom is chaos. We learn by trial and error because of limited thinking.
   God also gave us a way to the path of wisdom by trusting in his love and words and listening to the experiences of Jesus. When we follow his teachings we are walking on the path of wisdom and our lives become clearer for chaos dosen't exist there. When we embody Gods words and they become our way of life we no longer struggle or are controlled by man's conditions.
   We always have a choice and can change our lives at anytime.
Q Is science getting close to understanding spirits ?
 Science is doing a good job but, they operate in man's condition which is limited thinking. They can only guess about spirits. Most denie they exist. To understand spirits, you have to understand true spirituality which means you have to believe in it.
Q How does energy work in our lives ?
 Everything seen and unseen is a form of energy. It controls us and we control it. We are both receivers and transmitters of energy. We have the power to increase or decrease it as well as change it.
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