In this site I would like to share my thoughts on being spiritual and how it affects our life and why it is crucial to our way of life. This is based on my own life experiences and not from anyone elseís book, or opinion. These experiences may be similar to others for I know we all have them. Some may not recognize them as spiritual. I now know that everything is because we are. Before we had bodyís we were spirits and even with bodys we are still spirit based.
    To share more about me, I would like to explain how I found my spiritual path that has given me so much love and understanding. I believe in a higher power, that I call God. I believe God is the energy that everything is made of. We are of this energy. This energy affects us and all we do, all that happens to us, and all we become.
    This was evident as a little child growing up I seemed to be able to do things that others around me had trouble doing. I did not get the normal childhood diseases that were common at that time. I got cuts and bruises like the others, but mine healed in a few days. This increased as I grew older. I remember getting pneumonia around the age of two that had me going into convolutions and had to be rushed to the hospital. We lived across the street from the hospital and was there in no time. The ER doctor recognized my condition and decided to admit me. My parents went home and after a few hours was called and told to come and get me cause I was well. I was up and running around playing with the other children.
   There were many similar incidences like this. I donít want to fill this site up with them. I also noticed that I seemed to be able to see people that others didnít see. This got scary and I didnít like being out after dark. At the age of 13 I had my first major spiritual experience. I was visited by the Blessed Mother for four nights. You can read about this experience in a book I wrote titled ď Living in Flow MotionĒ. And here is a link to the story in my old website. All of the material in my book and old website is the results of my experiences and things I was taught over years. This awareness has guided me to achieve many things that assisted others on their journey as well as myself.
   Today I enjoy showing others a simple way to improve their lives. It is so simple, but we make it hard. We have access to all the information in the universe. It is within and all around us. For those of us who believe in our sacred books like the bible and others, the way is in there. Although man has rewritten them the answers are still there. I was one that didnít care to read it because of that action. I still havenít read any of them, but find my way of life similar to what it says. I also wanted to know how I was able to be aware of all this information. I asked that question and a few weeks later while in the process of writing my second book, I got my answer. I was writing about my being born with a veil and relized that the only thing I knew about it was what my Aunts had told me and that was that I would have more insight of the spiritual world and because I was born in the sign of scorpio it would be even more so. Now I wanted to write more about it and decided to look it up on the internet. I found that it was also called a caul and the child is a caulbearer. I was born with this awareness and am here to share my information with others. I felt that as I read it. My question was answered. I feel that we all have this awareness inside and just need to be reminded. I know we are all equal in ability and power. It's all in learning how to use it.
    I did not find my path through the bible per say. I found my answers through my spiritual connection with the spiritual energy of everything. It is God to me. I realized that the people I had been seeing around me that others could not see were spirits of relatives and friends trying to assist me anyway they could. I noticed that when I asked a question, I got an answer through various ways. Learning to recognize an answer was the key. I also found that one experience was the answer or preparation for things that was yet to happen in my life. By listening and following the guidance I was able to achieve greater things and avoid much of the hassles that bog us down. These hassles are really lessons in their own way. I remember a TV commercial that indicated that if we donít learn it now we will learn it the hard way later.
  Today I am enjoying a flow that provides me with all I need and want and all I have to do is except the things that come into my life and that they are there to progress my life to a higher consciousness and do more to work toward a heaven on earth. As we look at our world today it looks impossible, but I know that nothing is impossible in God consciousness. We are all part of this shift and are here to learn and will be the affected energy in the shift.
   I also realized that there are two roads to walk on. I feel that a choice was made back in Adam & Eves days if the story is true. The tree that they chose was the tree of knowledge and most of our lives have followed that path of experiencing life with struggles and mans laws and conditions included in it. There was also another tree in the garden known as the tree of life also called the tree of wisdom which followed a Godly heavenly path. You know that knowledge without the wisdom to use it is struggle and pain and that is the condition of most of the world today. At any time we have the power to change it. By crossing over to the path of wisdom we can live a joyous path. Some have done this and even though they live in this world they are not affected by itís proclaimed ways.
   Spiritual life assist us to move to the path of wisdom. It provides us with the knowledge and wisdom to change our lives to a fulfilling and complete life. By learning how to gain this control to your life is what I want to teach you at this site. I and others have done this and it improved my lifestyle completely. The main ingredients for this change is a desire for a fulfilled life of unlimitness, trust, practice, and patience.
    By visiting Smitty's Spiritual Forum you can ask questions, make comments and tell me about your experiences, I will reply to the post This information on this website is for those interested in spiritual growth. For those who wish to keep their questions private, just email me and I will answer by email only. I do hope all want to share and assist others. Life is great in the spiritual flow.
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